Genre Advertising
No of Offers 2
Episode 1x1
Recieved an Investment of £150
Equity Sold 40%
Dragon(s) Peter Jones
Duncan Bannatyne

Umbrolly pitched before the dragons on Series One, Episode One. The pitch was carried out by Charles Ejogo. He received investment from Peter Jones and Duncan Bannatyne.


Premise of The CompanyEdit

A series of umbrella vending machines with LCD screens capable of displaying high quality advertising would be placed at various locations including 300 in the London underground for a minumum of 12 years. The umbrellas would be priced as convenience products undercutting local retailers, and forming a captive market.


Investment Requested: £150,000
Equity Offered: 20% Self-Valuation: £750,000


Peter Jones and Duncan Bannatyne invested £75,000 each, for 20% equity each.


External LinksEdit

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