Series Two, Episode Three
Dragons' Den episode
Series 2x3
Episode no. 10
Number of Investments Made 1
Original airdate: 29 November 2005
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The Third Episode of Series Two of Dragons' Den, presented by Evan Davis.

Companies Pitched Edit

  • Brand Theory, pitched by, Dom Foulsham. He did not receive investment.
  • Ultrashave, pitched by, Bob Noburn. He did not receive investment.
  • Accomm4students, pitched by, William Berry. He did not receive investment.
  • FunkiFlipFlops, pitched by, Victoria Tringham. She did not receive investment.
  • Bizzare Jewelry, pitched by, Wade Royd Taylor. He did not receive investment.
  • Pixi Lighter Holder, pitched by, Will Downing. He did not receive investment.
  • Elite Sports, pitched by, Shaz Agar. He did not receive investment.
  • Jetski, pitched by, David Dunne & Mark Williams. They did not receive investment.
  • DegreeArt, pitched by, Elimor Olisa & Isobel Beauchamp. They did not receive investment.
  • Roton, pitched by, Kingsley Wright. He refused investment from one of the Dragons as too much of the company was asked for i exchange for the funds needed to complete the next prototype. The idea was accepted, however, after documentation was shown from a major car manufacturer that went into liquedation prior to finishing the revolutionary and well engineered product, leaving Kingsley with a half finished and no longer funded program.  
  • Truly Madly Baby, pitched by, Julie White. She received investment from Peter Jones.


Rachel Elnaugh
Duncan Bannatyne
Doug Richard
Theo Paphitis
Peter Jones

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