Series Three, Episode Five
Dragons' Den episode
Series 3x5
Episode no. 20
Number of Investments Made 1
Original airdate: 31 August 2006
Episode Chronology
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"Series Three, Episode Four" "Series Three, Episode Six"

The Fifth Episode of Series Three of Dragons' Den, presented by Evan Davis.

Companies Pitched Edit

  • Caledonian Airways, pitched by, Peter Matheson. He did not receive investment.
  • Green and Kerley, pitched by, Shelley Green, Lydia and Annabel Kerley. They did not receive investment.
  • ID Scan, pitched by, Tamlyn Thompson. Turned down £240K investments from both Theo and Richard Farley
  • Coaching Ball, pitched by, Mark and Wendy Litherland. They did not receive investment.
  • Easy Tank, pitched by, Jim Tucker. He did not receive investment.
  • Twisted Martini, pitched by, April Hutchen. She did not receive investment.
  • Heritage Tables, pitched by, Paul and Tom Simpson. They did not receive investment.
  • Puck Puzzles, pitched by, Richard Kitching. He did not receive investment.
  • Chrex Crayfish, pitched by, Tony Redfearn. He did not receive investment.
  • Dr Cap, pitched by, Richard Lee and Daren Duraidi. They receive investment Duncan Bannatyne.


Richard Farleigh
Duncan Bannatyne
Theo Paphitis
Deborah Meaden
Peter Jones

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"Series Three, Episode Six"

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