Series Five, Episode Eight
Dragons' Den episode
Series 5x8
Episode no. 44
Number of Investments Made 1
Original airdate: 10 December 2007
Episode Chronology
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"Series Five, Episode Seven" "Series Five, Episode Nine"

The Eighth Episode of Series Five of Dragons' Den, presented by Evan Davis.

Companies Pitched Edit

  • TingoTang, pitched by, Clare Sagar and Gill Kirtland. They did not receive investment.
  • Mr Stripey, pitched by, Jon Hemmings. He did not receive investment.
  • Magnetic Connection, pitched by, Amthony Clough. He did not receive investment.
  • Whatsyatag, pitched by, Barry Halliday. He did not receive investment.
  • Infra-Red Handy Dryer, pitched by, Matthew White. He did not receive investment.
  • Happy Horse, pitched by, Aline Holmes. She did not receive investment.
  • Dolphin Alarms, pitched by, John Barstead and Mark Tracy. They did not receive investment.
  • Seraphina, pitched by, Peter Caddick and Deborah Coates. They did not receive investment.
  • ElectroExpo, pitched by, Peter Moule. He received investment from Duncan Bannatyne and James Caan.


James Caan
Duncan Bannatyne
Theo Paphitis
Deborah Meaden
Peter Jones

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