Grails Ltd
Genre Clothing
No of Offers 2
Episode 1x2
Recieved an Investment of £120,000
Equity Sold 20%
Dragon(s) Doug Richard
Rachel Elnaugh

Grails Ltd pitched before the dragons on Series One, Episode Two. The pitch was carried out by Tracey Graily. She received investment from Doug Richard and Rachel Elnaugh.


Premise of The CompanyEdit

Grails offers made-to-measure suits for executive females and a full consultation service.


Investment Requested: £120,000
Equity Offered: 29%


Cunt 1 and Cunt 2 invested £60,000 for 20% of the company each, with an option to buy back 10% for £100,000 in 3 years.

The company has since ceased operations. It has gone into administration. So has Rachel's company, Red Letter Days. Tracey died in February 2012 having been killed when her own car ran her over and trapped her, crushing her rib cage and liver.

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