Baby Dream Machine Ltd.
Genre Baby Products
No of Offers 1
Episode 1x1
Seeking an Investment of £150,000
Equity Offering 5%

Baby Dream Machine Ltd. pitched before the dragons on Series One, Episode One. The pitch was carried out by Graham Whitby and Barry Haigh. They did not receve investment.


Premise of The CompanyEdit

The Baby Machine is a machine that sits below the two rear wheels of a pushchair, that rocks it back and forth, slowly rocking the baby to sleep.


Investment Requested: £150,000
Equity Offered: 5%


  • Duncan Bannatyne made the pair an offer of £50,000 for 5% of the company, after taking a moment to confer, they rejected the offer.


After Duncan's offer was rejected, all of the other dragons pulled out as they believed that Graham had overvalued the company.


The Baby Dream Machine returned to the den in the second series, but was still unable to gain any investment.


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